5 Sleep Hacks under $30 that will have you sleeping like a baby

You roll over in bed and check the time on your phone again, it’s 2:47 AM. You went to bed two and half hours ago, but frustratingly you’ve been tossing and turning since while thoughts ran incessantly through your mind. Eventually, you finally fell asleep at some ungodly hour but your much-needed sleep was rudely interrupted by your blaring alarm clock, your dragged yourself out of bed and proceeded to have a mediocre day in your underslept state.

We’ve all been there. It happens to the best of us. But it doesn’t have to.

Before you drop some serious coin on a fancy new mattress or beg your doctor for a  sleep medication prescription there are several very affordable low-hanging-fruit sleep hacks which are surprisingly effective enablers of profound and rejuvenating sleep.

Ashwagandha Apple Cider Vinegar Honey Tea

You’ve probably seen sleepy time teas on the shelves of grocery stores innumerable times and been just a little skeptical that they actually help sleep. I’ve tried many of them and they are pretty ineffective sleep hacks, at least for someone like me who is naturally kind of high strung, energetic and always thinking about a million different things. But, for a couple of years, I’ve used some more potent anxiolytic herbs in a pre-slumber cocktail that really makes a difference in my sleep.

  • Ashwagandha Powder – This is the king of stress-melting, soothing herbs. Get it powdered because it tastes great steeped in hot tea and it’s more economical than capsules. For profound sleep take 2-3 grams of the stuff, a heaping teaspoon of the stuff. It’s a side effect free Ayurvedic herb you can take as much of the stuff as you need safely.
  • Camomile – Is a more subtle, anxiolytic herb. I use the loose leaf stuff just because it’s a bit more economical.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Add a couple of splashes with this stuff to your tea which ads a nice tangy taste. Skip the crappy stuff in the plastic bottles, apple cider vinegar has a bunch of health benefits if you’re using good organic stuff.
  • Raw Honey – Finally add a teaspoon or two of delicious oozing honey which pleasantly sweetens the tea.

This hearty tea is an economical pre-bed ritual that will really soothe your overworked nerves and help you 

Iris App

The blaring bright screen of your laptop, smartphone or tablet cost you sleep quality. Screens naturally project blue light that messes with your circadian cycle and prevents you from getting to sleep. There’s a bunch blue light blocking apps out there but this one is recognized by elite sleep hackers as the best.

  • It synchronizes with the sunset and sunrise in your timezone and automatically adjusts your screen’s redlight and brightness settings so that using your laptop in the evening doesn’t destroy your sleep quality.
  • It adjusts your screen’s flicker rate so you don’t strain your eyes after hours of looking at your screen.
  • It includes smartphone apps so browsing on your phone leisurely before bed doesn’t hurt sleep quality so much. 

It’s well worth the $15.

Supplement Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most important natural nutrients that our bodies need. Unless you eat a bunch of broccoli daily you’re probably a little magnesium deficient. Not only is supplementing Magnesium just smart and affordable self-care, but it’s also a sleep hack. 300 – 600 milligrams before bed has a subtle soothing effect and you’ll sleep more deeply. Don’t worry too much about the Magnesium form – Magnesium Glycinate, Magnesium Threonate, Magnesium L-Threonate – they are all good. I prefer powdered magnesium as opposed to capsuled because it’s more economical, for $20 you can get enough to last you a few months, and it doesn’t taste bad at all. 

Orange-Tinted Glasses

Whether it’s computer screens, smartphone screens, television or just the lights in your house photons of blue light are robbing you of the human right of falling asleep easily and waking up feeling great. Orange tinted glasses filters out a lot of this junk light. You’ll look a little funny wearing orange-tinted glasses for two or three hours before bed but it’s a smart, simple sleep hack that’s an especially good idea if you just can’t resist using your smartphone or tablet in the hour before going to bed. On the internet, you can find some pricey (and fashionable!) orange-tinted glasses, but the cheapo $10 – $20 orange-tinted glasses you find on Amazon will have pretty much the same effect.

C60 in Olive OilA surprisingly affordable super-antioxidizing (and tasty) anti-aging sleep hack

C60 caught the attention of anti-aging researchers worldwide when it was demonstrated in a landmark animal study to prevent cancer and nearly double lifespans. The science done demonstrated that it’s a lot more effective when emulsified in pure olive oil. For most, C60 is not an immediate sleep hack, but many who use it regularly find that they sleep more profoundly and wake feeling fantastically rejuvenated. I’m all about having little rituals in life and taking a teaspoon of tasty pure olive oil with C60 after dinner is one of the most empowering of my sleep.


When I really want to get some rockstar quality sleep, I take about a half teaspoon of this C60 + CBD solution, CBD has a fantastic effect of dissolving stress and putting you to sleep just moments after laying your heavy head down on the pillow. You awake feeling totally renewed and ready to take on the day. it’s such a potent sleep hack that I only use it on workout days as the CBD assuages my aching muscles and gives my body the recovery sleep it needs.  It’s a little pricier but a single bottle lasted me about three months.


C60Supply.com is the Gold Standard in C60 – and best of all… We don’t charge a Gold prices.

Of both the Carbon 60 fullerenes and the olive oil. What the anti-aging studies made clear was that nothing but the very best, fresh, pure olive oil is crucial to the absorbtion and use of the C60 by our bodies. This is not the crappy olive oil that you’ll find for sale at your local grocery store. Try our stuff and you’ll taste the difference!

What people are saying about it…

Brandon B:

“With this C60, I’ve definitely noticed an increase in energy. I’ve also had much better sleep, which helps with healing.”


Wesley Tejeda:

“The product is great! No complaints there. I’ve seen an immediate improvement regarding my sleep and energy.”


A Danish biohacker reported:

“I never slept these monster 10-12 hours before. C60 also acutely makes me very relaxed, and if I take it with some food with dinner I could doze off like minutes after.”



“My sense of well-being has increased but especially when it comes to the sleep department. I’ve used other brands but this one is legit and I’ve had other brands before but this will be my go to moving forward.”


Steve K.:

“I’ve used this the past few days before the gym and I notice having more endurance and also my sleep has been better. Not sure if it’s from this but I haven’t changed anything else”


Damian Sanders:

“The product is great! No complaints there. I’ve seen an immediate improvement regarding my sleep and energy.”


An American Biohacker explained:

My personal experience is that the sleepiness from C60 is repair sleep. If you feel good when you wake up, it is most likely repair sleep. If you feel groggy and tired all day, it wasn’t quality sleep. For many, many reasons, many modern humans are sleep deprived. This has to do with the room not getting dark enough (any light in the retina, even with closed eyes, will keep you from getting into a deep sleep). Electromagnetic pollution from cell phones and computers, not enough exercise and low quality diet are also reasons for not sleeping well. If C60 is helping you sleep deeply, you may need it and not even know that you did.”

Don’t accept another night of crappy sleep! Employ some or all of these sleep hacks regularly and your waking life will be all the more empowered.